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We are the Youths all around the world!

We are the new revolution of CHANGE - The future you've longed to see.

We are TYEN (The Young Entreprenuers Network) - The leaders of our time. If you are opportune to be reading this, then you should be one of us.

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We are here because we are passionate about Community Growth, Peace, Love, Discipline and true Wealth creation. We saw the need of creating a community that could function like a full fledged offline club in a global settings, with robust online mobility and no age restrictions, and we made TYEN CLUB. Being a member of our club avails you the opportunity to help and be helped freely, due to the mutual relationship we set as No.1 standard of operation among members.

Social Engagements

With our club, you are sure of developing a high profiled social life from the numerous social activities we engage ourselves in. We also host an end-of-the-year gathering where we commune and also have fun with different social activities like football, tennis, volleyball, board games, Educational activities, Talent Shows, and many others.

Free Skill acquisition

Get Points that will grant you FREE ACCESS to unlimited professional skill training courses offered at TYEN Academy, worth above $1,000 and more. You will be required to pay for the certificates that will be issued to you by the company after training and be given FREE lifetime access to the course community.


Securewills Investment LTD with RC No.: 1735688 is a multidimensional investment company.

At TYEN CLUB, we have given every youth (Young or old, Poor or Rich) the opportunity to acquire financial freedom through an investment plan so they wouldn't need to labor for returns with "SECUREWILLS INVESTMENT LTD". Hence, every member of TYEN CLUB will be paid $500 dividends annually by "The Young Creative Thinkers Initiative" for a lifetime. The payment is automated on an annual cycle, so you don't have to bother stressing about payouts.


In the process of ensuring we make and fulfill our promises to our members, we launched a virtual finance system (VFS) for compounding savings. The VFS software is the first of its kind and was programmed to compound a minimum of $500 dollars for every member of our club in 12months. And in completion of 5years period program for each member, it should compound a minimum savings of about $15,000 to $25,000 dollars per member.

Idea funding/Business Creation

Being a member of our club avails you the opportunity to have your dream idea funded by the club either with our interest-free loan or as a grant. It also grants you the opportunity to invest in co-members ideas, or buy shares in their virgin company, so while TYEN CLUB promotes and ensure the progressive growth of the new company, your shares/investment is already yielding dividends for you based on the percentage of shares you have in the company.

Getting mutual donations

Part of the mutual activities we engage in the club is helping one another in raising funds to solve peculiar problems. And supporting members with jointly raised funds when they invite us to a seasonal celebration of their life like weddings, traditional marriage, and any other substantial celebration that should undoubtedly require the presence of the club.

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Join the club's Activities, and bring in your friend's to do same. Build a long-term dream around with us and see us helping you actualize those dreams within few years of loyalty. This is our PROMISE!

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Chris C. A.

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