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Before joining TYEN CLUB, you MUST have read through all pages in the website including: 'About us', 'Terms & Conditions', 'Privacy Policy', 'Refund Policy', 'Values you should expect in 12months from the club', 'SCUML Disclosure', and 'Disclaimer'. When you might have finished reading all these pages in the useful links, you should proceed to enquiring for clarity if there be any of the pages you don't really understand well. When you've fully absorbed all about the club, you may now proceed with REGISTRATION.
Our mission is to create a community where age is not a determinant for true wealth creation. Build a system where money wouldn't be seen as a limitation to idea creation and business development. Ensure peace and unity among every nations of the world by bringing everyone together as a community through our club and sharing same selfless ideology upon which the club was built among each and everyone of us!
Our Vision is to build a community of young and highly enterprising youths with a membership base of over One million people in less than 3years in each country around the world. We are modelling future entrepreneurs - Setting the Standard!
We created the interest-free loan as a way of paying back to those whose hardwork brought about the growth of TYEN CLUB. Instead of hoarding the money we saved up for our members in our club's bank account until when they may need it, we chose to selflessly give out these money to our partners, so they could grow their businesses and increase their hardwork for our great CLUB.
The interest-free loan programs are open to only leaders, state coordinators and Directors of TYEN CLUB. These are the direct partners of our great Club. They deserve a reward for labor. Every other inactive members of the club should forever be grateful and respectful to their leaders, because the leaders are the reasons why the world got to know about our great CLUB today!
Smiles ☺!!! What feature of an MLM, Ponzi, or hype does TYEN CLUB has? NONE!!! TYEN CLUB is a real life club just like every other offline clubs you know about. And it's powered by the Young Creative Thinkers Initiative - TYCT INITIATIVE (RC. No: 127873). We are here to apply all diverse mechanisms unto ensuring we create the better life every of our member aim at. Empower the community we belong and nurture love and cohabitation among every member of our club
First of all, you must have a paid ACTIVE ACCOUNT with us, and also accept to be active in the club, either offline and/or online. Then, CONTACT US through EMAIL and/or LIVE CHATS, so we could walk you through the process. Remember, we reserve the right to either admit/reject your proposal if you did not met up minimum requirements. Thanks
No! TYEN CLUB is not a referral program (else, we shouldn't have made value promises & refunds to you). So you don't need to refer someone to the club. But if you chose to do based on willingness, maybe because you love what the club is doing and wants your relations to partake in the opportunity, you get entitled to 10% of all funds generated for your referee (relation) by our virtual finance system (VFS) software. And also, you get entitled to other of our club's promotions offers. That is why we freely grant you a unified referral link!
You are only eligible for membership fee refund after 12months of being part of TYEN CLUB mission (from the day the club acknowledged receipt of your membership fee). And if you have never received any value from TYEN CLUB, either in (CASH or KIND) worth more than the membership fee you paid within this period of your first 12months. And after you have submitted/passed all compulsory requirements as stated in our REFUND POLICY!
Being active on the club's offline activities is solely by choice. Nevertheless, the club is open to everybody (both students & working class). However, if your sole interest in the club is just to harness the VFS software and it's benefits, then you can officially call your $30 membership fee an investment capital to purchase the VFS software, and compound savings for yourself. But you must still maintain all rules and regulations governing TYEN CLUB, and your $30 investment is open for refund after 12months - If no monetary value was added in your life from our VFS program software!
TYEN CLUB is open to everybody; both the young & old, men & women, adults & infants, white & black, students & working class, average business men & business tycoons, all countries in the world, and even the less privileges. But the offline club activities is open to only members of the club from the age of 16 and above who are resident of Nigeria for now.
Yes there! You are entitled to all promises of the club from the day you become an active member of TYEN CLUB. The only difference between you and any older member is that the first 12months cap promise or refund TYEN CLUB gave already started counting for an older member of the club before you - So an older member is expected to reap benefits of the club's promises earlier before you. Nevertheless, TYEN CLUB doesn't have an 'End of the Road'; being part of our mission should only be the challenge which you must overcome yourself.
There are two categories of account in TYEN CLUB. One is the ACTIVE MEMBERS' category, and the other is the INVESTORS' or DORMANT PARTNERS category.
These category of members are the DORMANT PARTNERS of TYEN CLUB, whose major interests for joining the club is strictly to get a share of TYEN CLUB VFS SOFTWARE. So all they do is to create an investment account, have their VFS software set up for $30, then go to sleep for 12months; after which, they return to their account to receive their profits or request a refund of their investment if there was no profits made in the account as promised by the Club. Investors/dormant partners have many limitations to the Club's benefits. They may wish to upgrade their membership in future based on choice.
These are the real identified members of TYEN CLUB, whose major aim is to help in building a community to serve the mission of the club. They are entitled to all investors & dormant partners benefits and other benefits that the club has to offers.

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