We are here because we are passionate about Community Growth, Peace, Love, Discipline and true Wealth creation. We saw the need of creating a community that could function like a full fledged offline club in a global settings, with robust online mobility and no age restrictions, and we made TYEN CLUB.

TYEN CLUB has chosen to represent the voice of the youths in politics, businesses, and community development because we believe that we are the chosen generation and the last generation to conquer the evil nature of man, we are the dream of our past heroes, we are here to diversify and create the befitting footprint for our successors.

We have given every living being on earth the opportunity to make a living with us. We share annual dividends with every member of our club from the profits we realized on:

  1. Agriculture (Livestock farming)
  2. Forex trading and
  3. Other partnership deals with well-known companies.


Our mission is to create a community where age is not a determinant for true wealth creation. Build a system where money wouldn't be seen as a limitation to idea creation and business development. Ensure peace and unity among every nations of the world by bringing everyone together as a community through our club and sharing same selfless ideology upon which the club was built among each and everyone of us!


Our Vision is to build a community of young and highly enterprising youths with a membership base of over One million people in less than 3years in each country around the world. We are modelling future entrepreneurs - Setting the Standard!