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TYEN is a reputable Brand and community powered by the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) - "The Young Creative Thinkers Initiative." Our interest is focused on building a global community of youths with the same like-minds, protecting one's interest, and helping every one of us actualizing their desired dreams irrespective of their financial status.

We are interested in working with great digital marketers and influencers who will help us actualize our missions and visions for the Youths and all members of the club. We place you on contract offers and be glad to see you happier through TYEN CLUB. 

If you would love to partner in TYEN CLUB, get involve in task contract obligations and get mega offers in returns, chat UP our support team on Telegram and Facebook live chats!

Part of the MEGA OFFERS you may be getting in return is not limited to:

  1. Interest-free loan worth $550, $1,500 and above. Check the last page for the contract loan categories.
  2. Free business funding when we make available GRANT OPPORTUNITIES.
  3. An express Leadership position in your state. Added benefit
  5. A chance to become a campus ambassador in your school, if you are a student. Added Benefit!
  6. Opportunity to become a state coordinator for your state. Added benefit!
  7. All express paid trip and travel tours with lots of gifts and bounties upon returns.
  8. And lots more...

A stone throw message is all you need!!!


Why we are giving out these loan offers!

We created the interest-free loan as a way of paying back to those whose hard work brought about the growth of TYEN CLUB as a family.

Instead of hoarding the profits, we accumulated up for our members in our club's bank account until when they may need it, we chose to selflessly give out this money to our partners, so they could grow their businesses and increase their hard work for our great FAMILY.

NOTE: These loan contract programs are open to only leaders, state coordinators, and Directors of TYEN CLUB. These are the direct partners of our great Club.

For the love of humanitarian services, and with the aim of reaching our mission and visions for TYEN CLUB, we created a loan contract program that is Interest-free, and NON-Refundable by the Benefactor. The Organization pays the loan on the benefactors' behalf for a period of 10years.

These contract programs come with challenges, and only leaders who fulfil the obligations would be entitled to the cash loan. Although there are consolidation loans for these sets of Persons who nearly meet up with the challenge, and if we were able to prove their hard work in the club, for all through the contract time.

Here we go:

1st - We make you a Leader. If you care to manage your team, then your users MUST select you as their leader upon registration. If they don't, you can't undo this!

2nd - You MUST choose and subscribe to "any" of the two Leaders Contract Loan Acquisition Challenge.


1) Qualifications: Help a minimum of 30 prospects become active members of TYEN CLUB, on or before the end of the 3rd month upon subscribing to this offer. (3MONTHS CHALLENGE)

Loan amount: $550 (200,000 naira) in cash or cheque.

2) Qualifications: Help a minimum of 50 prospects become active members of TYEN CLUB, on or before the end of the 6th month upon subscribing to this offer. (6MONTHS CHALLENGE)

Loan amount: $1,500 (500,000 naira) in cash or cheque

Consolidation Loan:

1) If you subscribed for the 3months loan challenge, and you couldn't meet up, we auto-subscribe you for the 6months challenge by granting you an additional 3months to your previous plan. And these deals close at the completion of 6months from the day you signed in your first contract. 

2) If you auto subscribed for the 6months challenge and you could meet up above 70% of the challenge, we compensate you with the 3months loan amount ($550)

3) If you initially subscribed for the 6months challenge and you could meet up above 70% of the challenge, we compensate you with the 3months loan amount ($550)

REMEMBER: All loan programs start counting from the exact day you subscribed to this program and end at the exact 3month, or 6months depending on the program you are on. You will have to send an email to [email protected] as a reminder by the end of your program or as soon as you meet up your part of the agreement (listing all active referrals of yours in the mail), so we verify all your claims, grant you confirmations, and process your loan immediately.

Also, if you are a regional coordinator, state coordinator, director, you are entitled to higher loan offers for conditions not listed here.


To qualify for our interest-free loan of up to $1,500, you agree that;

  1. You have read all our legal terms, and understood our modes of operation in TYEN and TYCT Initiative.
  2. You have accessed through the loan contract program to make a choice of your preferred contract term to apply for.
  3. Your application is subject to either approval or disapproval after due consideration by the management.

To download the contract agreement, click here

When you are done filling and signing the Loan Contract terms, you should scan the original copy, and submit your application to [email protected] for review and considerations.

NOTE: The Loan Contract is only open for already members of TYEN CLUB, and/or verified members of TYCT Initiative.

After you've been given your loan, you agree that;

1) You will be letting us know the business you plan to start with the loan. And if you want our business teams to offer free guides and mentoring, then you will have to submit further required business documents even after you've got your loan.

2) You will always send annual reports of your progress in the business you invested in or started with our loan. (It doesn't matter whether there was business growth at the end of the year or not.)

3) The Young Creative Thinkers Initiative should always take 50% of your annual dividends from TYEN CLUB to repay the loan on your behalf. (Those in the 3months contract will have 4years to clear the complete loan, while those in the 6 months contract will have 10years to clear off the loan)

4) We shall only credit you 50% of your dividend only when you have submitted your annual business report. (This means there won't be automatic payments on your account again until all loans are cleared completely.)

5) You will always grant our business investigation team audience when they come for a routine annual check on your business. This will enable us to see how your performing, and if you will be needing more financial support with regards to the progress you've made so far.

Best Regards!

The Management,