For the purpose of transparency and integrity, all payments made in TYEN CLUB shall be regulated by this Refund policy.



Subject to the applicable laws and to these Policy conditions, refund policy is only applicable to investors in TYEN CLUB. Your investment capital is subject to COMPLETE REFUND OF EXACT INVESTMENT AMOUNT paid minus processing fees from regulatory bodies like banks and payment gateways only when the following Refund conditions are met by you:


1) You MUST have retained your club investment for all periods not less than 12months.

2) Within this period of first 12months, you MUST remain loyal to the club, obey all her rules and regulations (Do's and Don'ts) and never to talk ill of the club in whatsoever manner, either intentionally or unintentionally, or in pretense (disguising as another person) both offline or online through social networks or other internet facilities.

3) You MUST never have made whatsoever kind of complaint to any other body or organization, through any channel (Be it to the bank, or payment gateways or other channels of your choice which is not the club's official support channel at [email protected]) regarding your payment unless authorized by the club support team for verification purposes.

4) You MUST have never received any value from TYEN CLUB, either by kind or cash worth more than the Investment capital within this period of first 12months. If you've received some value worth less than the Total Investment capitals, we pay you back the leftover balance after full deduction of said value you've gotten.

5) You MUST not have registered in TYEN CLUB with coupon from any of our affiliate businesses, nor registered through any kind of promotional offers either made by TYEN, or her individual members that excluded you from paying the one-time membership fee.

6) You  MUST not have requested or being issued TYEN CLUB's ID card with a unique ID number given to you.



We allow investors to utilize our risk-free system for the sole aim of making returns of annual $500 dividends for a lifetime.

We invest both our members and investors money in three (3) known businesses:

  1. Agriculture (Livestock farming)
  2. Forex trading
  3. Other partnership deals with well-known companies.

P.S.: We don't have different investment packages. It's a one-time flat investment of $30 (Foreigners) and 11,000 naira for Nigerians.

For the stability of annual payouts for each investor, and since dollar exchange rates are dynamic, the management of TYEN CLUB won't be using the global dollar exchange rate. That is to say, the management decides the dollar-to-dollar or dollar-to-other local currency exchange rate during all payouts. This currency check mechanism will enable us to make proper management of every member's capital irrespective of the dollar fluctuations.

P.SS: All investors capital are 100% insured by the NGO "The Young Creative Thinkers Initiative - R.C. no: 127873" for all period of first 12 months, starting from the day each investor account was upgraded in TYEN.CLUB. So if by virtue of unforeseen circumstances, the club goes bankrupt, the above-named registered organisation shall be granting all investors full capital ($30) refund or provide access to assets claimed for all investors.

P.SSS: We don't allow multiple investments with different club accounts from the same individual. You may feel free to register your family members, friends, and loved ones as investors (With this, they can all be covered by the 100% money-back guarantee).

P.SSSS: Investors MUST never request for TYEN CLUB's membership card, or to be issued a unique I.D. number peculiar to only the members of the club. If they do, the money-back guarantee from TYCTinitiative will no longer have an effect on them.


Before requesting for refund, we would appreciate you contact us first at [email protected] to seek other ways of resolving your issue other than signing off entirely from the club. If we try all measures to assist you and it proves abortive, you can then proceed with placing a refund and we initiate your payment immediately.

6) You MUST evidently have, and submit the following requirements below to [email protected]

  • Full evidence of your payment (Receipt) and the amount paid.
  • Date of payment.
  • Means of payment.
  • If payment was made directly to the company’s bank account, state the account number and name. Same as to Bitcoin payment (state the wallet address and other relevant particulars).
  • Your Bank account details from which payment was made.  If payment was made from another person’s (third party) bank account, state their full BANK details (Account name/number) and also add their active mobile number for verification purposes.
  • TYEN CLUB (tyen.club) registered account name, email address, username, date of registration, and payment.

7) All Refunds are processed within thirty (30) business/working days. After final verifications, refund is made directly to your club’s savings account which you can request for withdrawal with a mail sent to [email protected] for the purpose therein.

8) Bank/BTC account details used for the payment of memberships fee must be the same as the account details saved with our club for withdrawals and have not been edited for the period of 6months from the day of refund request. If payment was made with a third party account details, seek for consent to update your withdrawal bank details to match with the details of the third party. But this should only be done after you have created a refund ticket and consent for change of bank detail has been approved by TYEN CLUB support.



P.S: Investors in TYEN CLUB are not allowed to use this feature.

Money used to manually activate VFS aren't refundable.

Although you won't ever lose this money, but the automated system might not have generated a surplus of it for you as at the time you may need it (especially, if you took a loan for it).

So, in as much as we are sure, you won't ever lose any dime you saved up with our Club, we aren’t given guarantees on the time-frame the system can take before it generates a surplus of profit on this VFS for you since everything is automated!

So, if you are afraid to take risks, or impatient as to feel at home and allow the system work on your favor at its time, PLEASE, DO NOT PROCESS ANY MANUAL ACTIVATION OF VFS IN TYEN CLUB. Just feel good with being a member (one of us), and allow the automated finance system to use the club's money to grow life savings for you at no risk. In less than 5years, we shall grow millions for you!


  • Most chargebacks are results of fraudulent use of the Customer’s credit card information
  • The fraudster uses the product with no knowledge by the true owner of the credit card
  • If we receive a Chargeback where a card is fraudulently used, then to protect the public from harm, We provide all necessary information regarding such acclaimed fraudster to the relevant authority, including law enforcement, for investigation. We disclaim having any knowledge of this fraudulent act of any member of our club, as TYEN frowns on cases of theft, and you agree to bear all costs that may arise between you and the relevant authority/victim.

We don’t process refunds of fraudulent money used in our club in these following bases: 

  • IF the money was deposited to a user savings wallet and already withdrawn to their local bank account. But, if the money is still in their savings wallet, we pause their withdrawals until all investigations are completed and they are proven not guilty. If proven guilty, we return the exact said amount to the victim in accordance with applicable law.
  • IF the money has been deposited to our virtual wallets; since our virtual system is automated, we can’t reverse the process. But we can only pause their withdrawals from the virtual wallet until all investigations are completed. If after investigation and they are found guilty, we only allow the victim or relevant authority to manage and take full rights over the fraudster’s club account, make transfers and manage the account with full right of ownership according to the club’s standard of operation.

Please bear this in mind if you are thinking of using our services and then filing a fraudulent chargeback. Or using our club as a means of money laundry and credit card theft – we don’t have you covered!!


All user accounts in TYEN CLUB are SOLE MANDATE, ONLY WHEN IT'S NOT OWNED BY THE SAME PERSON, and thus must be subject to this refund policy solely.

That’s to say, any investor can request for refunds and termination of their account, only if the user account met with all criteria as listed in this policy, and the owner of the said account hasn’t received any value (either in kind or in cash) worth more than the total investment amount paid for all periods of their first 12months. And also, if the owner has not in person violated any of the rules and regulations of TYEN CLUB and as contained in this policy, if they did, all accounts linked to them shall be closed from receiving payments without further consent from the investor.

LAST UPDATED: 13th February, 2020.