For the purpose of transparency and integrity from The Young Creative Thinkers Initiative, all payments made in TYEN CLUB shall be regulated by this Refund Policy.




1. Subject to the applicable laws and to these Refund Terms and Conditions, the membership fee refund policy is only applicable to users who registered in TYEN CLUB from Nigeria with a signed/acknowledged insurance policy undertaken by The Young Creative Thinkers Initiative for the user membership fee.

2. We only refund membership fees of 50,000naira in total to eligible members signing out from the TYEN FAMILY after the first 12 months.

3. If we acknowledge the insurance agreement you submitted, we shall place the payee bank account on either Monthly, quarterly, or Biannual payments. So within 12months you already have your complete membership fee back to you, why we are left to pay you the balance of your dividend for the first year. This method of payment is only applicable to your first-year dividend.

NOTE: If you sign an insurance agreement with TYCT INITIATIVE to safeguard your membership fee for the first 12 months, You have automatically granted The Young Creative Thinkers Initiative permission to always deduct 10% of your dividend annually to cover your insurance terms.

4. Your membership is subject to COMPLETE REFUND OF EXACT AMOUNT (50,000naira) you paid only when the following Membership Fee User Insurance Agreements are met by you:



1) Upon application to become a member of the TYEN CLUB FAMILY, you MUST pay the sum of $100 (50,000naira flat) directly to the bank account of "The Young Creative Thinkers Initiative." That is to say, you are fully restricted from paying through any online payment gateways or to any other bank account that is not shown on your account dashboard after registration.

2) You MUST be a resident of Nigeria. That is to say, only Nigerians are eligible for membership fee refund policy.

3) You MUST sign the insurance terms and conditions, scan and submit a copy to [email protected] not more than 1 month (30 days) upon successful registration and payment of your membership fee.

4) During submission of your signed copy of the Insurance agreement, You MUST also include the following to the email: (Your Club Registration account name, Username, Email address, Phone number, Evidence of payment receipt, and Bank account details to get the refund).

N.B: If payment was made from another person’s (third party) bank account, state their full BANK details, and not yours. (Bank name, Account Name, and Account number) and also add their active Phone number for verification purposes. We only pay back refund directly to the bank account we got the payment from, unless otherwise payment was made over the counter bearing the member's name as a payee.

P.S: All these details requested in (4), including your bank account information, MUST be the same with the details registered on your club's account unless otherwise, payment was made with a third party bank account. Failure to submit accurate information, your request will be denied and email archived.

5. "The Young Creative Thinkers Initiative" MUST Acknowledge your submission to render the agreement valid.

6) You MUST have retained your membership in the club for all periods not less than 12months.

7) Within this first 12months period, you MUST remain loyal to the club, obey all her rules and regulations (Do's and Don'ts), and never talk ill of the club in whatsoever manner, either intentionally or unintentionally, or in pretense (disguising as another person) both offline or online through social networks or other internet facilities.

8) You MUST never have made whatsoever kind of complaint to any other body or organization, through any channel (Be it to the bank, or payment gateways or other channels of your choice which is not the club's official support channel at [email protected]) regarding your payment unless authorized by the club support team for verification purposes.

9) You MUST have never received any value from TYEN CLUB, either by kind or cash worth more than the membership fee within this period of the first 12months. If you've received some value worth less than the total membership fee, we pay you back the leftover balance after the full deduction of said value you've gotten.

10) You MUST not have registered in TYEN CLUB with a coupon from any of our affiliate businesses, nor registered through any kind of promotional offers either made by TYEN, or her individual members that excluded you from paying the $100 one-time membership fee.

11) You MUST have followed all the laid down instructions for the membership fee insurance as given by The Young Creative Thinkers Initiative HERE


1. Click on this link to access the TYCTI INSTRUCTION PAGE >>> https://tyctinitiative.org/tycti-user-insurance-agreement-instructions/

2. If you are already a registered member of Tyctinitiative.org, you need to login before you can access the page in (1). If you are yet to be a member, you need to register and create a FREE member account on the website, verify your email address, login and click on the link in (1) again to access the page. 

N.B: Your profile details MUST be the same on both platforms (i.e, you need to use the same real personal details in registering both in TYEN CLUB and TYCT INITIATIVE. Else, your insurance agreement may not be acknowledged upon failed verification) 

3. After you've been able to access the page in (1), then follow the instructions therein to download, print, fill, sign, scan and submit your agreement.

DISCLAIMER: "The Young Creative Thinkers Initiative - R.C. no: 127873" is not an Insurance company. We are a regulated non-governmental organization; but since we are the one powering TYEN CLUB, we agree to take all responsibilities of failure and pledge to refund all membership fees to any eligible member of the club in respect to this REFUND TERMS & CONDITIONS herein.

P.SS: We don't allow multiple user Registration with different club accounts from the same individual. You may feel free to register your family members, friends, and loved ones as members of the club (With this, they can all be covered by the 100% money-back guarantee if they signed the insurance agreement).


  • Most charge-backs are the results of fraudulent use of the Customer’s credit card information.
  • The fraudster uses the product with no knowledge by the true owner of the credit card
  • If we receive a Chargeback where a card is fraudulently used, then to protect the public from harm, We provide all necessary information regarding such acclaimed fraudsters to the relevant authority, including law enforcement, for investigation. We disclaim having any knowledge of this fraudulent act of any member of our club, as TYEN frowns on cases of theft, and you agree to bear all costs that may arise between you and the relevant authority/victim.

We don’t process refunds of fraudulent money used in our club on the following bases: 

  • IF the money was deposited to a user savings wallet and already withdrawn to their local bank account. But, if the money is still in their savings wallet, we pause their withdrawals until all investigations are completed and they are proven not guilty. If proven guilty, we return the exact said amount to the victim in accordance with applicable law.
  • IF the money has been deposited into our virtual wallets; since our virtual system is automated, we can’t reverse the process. But we can only pause their withdrawals from the virtual wallet until all investigations are completed. If after investigation and they are found guilty, we only allow the victim or relevant authority to manage and take full rights over the fraudster’s club account, make transfers and manage the account with full right of ownership according to the club’s standard of operation.

Please bear this in mind if you are thinking of using our services and then filing a fraudulent chargeback. Or using our club as a means of money laundry and credit card theft – we don’t have you covered!!

Best Regards,

The Management
©TYCT Initiative

LAST UPDATED: 30th May 2021.