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TYEN is a reputable Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with the aim of creating a skillful society and lifting people out of poverty.

Before you read through the benefits listed here, We would love to let you know that TYEN CLUB is just like every other club you know offline, but here, there's is no limitation of any sort unlike others do have. TYEN CLUB offers promises with workable formulas, and fulfills at will. Its benefits are mutual to every member and not selective.

Also, been active in the offline club's activities is strictly by choice - that's is to say, in as much as you have an active online Club account with TYEN CLUB, you are entitled to all benefits accrued for all online/ghost members of the club as long as you respect the TERMS & CONDITIONS.

We believe that you may have joined or want to join our club for different reasons. But whatever reason you have, in as much as it's going to be problem-solving, both to humanity, community, and for yourself realization, we are welcomed to your opinion and we promise to see your dream come to pass through TYEN CLUB.

Joining our club makes you equal to every other member of the club. Because in this community, we don't count age as maturity; We frown at every form of insolent behavior from both the young and old, and they all attract equal penalty without age restrictions.

So, upon joining our club, you acknowledge that you must share the same mutual selfless ideology upon which the club was built among co-members of the club irrespective of your age.

We've taken out time to draft out few of the values (benefits) you should expect while maintaining and pledging your allegiance to TYEN CLUB

1) Social interactions:

With our club, you are sure of developing a high profiled social life from the numerous social activities we engage ourselves into. You get the ability to be seen by the world and masters of different social games. ( of social activities we shall be involved are: Sports (like football, tennis, volleyball) competitions, Pageantry, Educational activities, Talent Shows, and many other social events that would showcase you to the world.)

2) Idea funding/Business Creation: 

Being a member of our club avails you the opportunity to have your dream idea funded by the club.

It also grants you the opportunity to invest in co-members ideas, or buy shares of any amounts in the virgin company, so while TYEN CLUB promotes and ensure the progressive growth of the virgin company, your shares/investment is already yielding dividends for you based on the percentage of shares you have in the company.

3) Getting Loan for Businesses: 

In our bid to see that every member of our club succeeds, we created an interest-free loan contract program. In this program, we offer a loan worth above $1500 which is payable without accrued interest and can be held by the benefactor for a lifetime.

4) Community Development/Humanitarian Services: 

How would you feel to be one of the pioneers that got appraisals and awards for developing your community?

How about when someone, a group, or a less privileged person is smiling because God used you to perform humanitarian services to them through TYEN CLUB Humanitarian PROGRAMS?

We are an independent organization, we create what we dream without limit - setting the standard and bringing the glory home for our successors to leverage on.

5) Getting mutual donations: 

Part of the mutual activities we engage in the club is helping one another in raising funds to solve peculiar problems. And also supporting members with jointly raised funds when they invite us to a seasonal celebration of their life. (e.g of seasonal celebrations are: wedding/traditional marriage, and any other substantial celebration that should undoubtedly require the presence of the club.)

6) Free automated VFS software: 

In the process of ensuring we make and fulfill our promises to our members, we launched a virtual finance system (VFS) for compounding savings, (as a backup benefit).

The VFS software is first of its kind and was programmed to compound a minimum of $500 dollars for every member of our club in 12months of membership. And in completion of 5years period program for each member, it should compound a minimum savings of about $500,000 to $1,000,000 dollars per member.

We invest our member's money with "SECUREWILLS INVESTMENT LTD" 

This company above is into several investments including these three (3) known businesses:

  1. Agriculture (Livestock farming)
  2. Forex Trading.
  3. Media and Publicity

Haven said this above, every member of TYEN CLUB is a shareholder with "Securewills Investment LTD" because "The Young Creative Thinkers Initiative" which is the parent company Powering TYEN has secured 50% share capital from all the profits made by "Securewills Investment LTD".

So by this, every member of TYEN will be paid $500 dividends annually by "The Young Creative Thinkers Initiative" for a lifetime and this will be accumulated through their VFS wallet where they can easily withdraw to their bank account.

There are no additional requirements to acquire this VFS program software. It's 100% FREE for all active members of TYEN CLUB.

Upon registering online on our official website at, and paying the $30 Lifetime membership fee, we set up the VFS software, fund it and automate the processes for you (a lifetime process). 

For those that invested $30 in our software strictly for the $500 reward from our dynamic investment programs, we (The Young Creative Thinkers Initiative) offers you a full refund of your capital ($30), if after 12 months you didn't get the promised returns.

P.S: Even while we have refunded your $30, the VFS still maintains its profit accumulation on your account. It's lifetime automation, not just for you, but also for your kids, relatives, and anyone you loved to share this amazing opportunity with.

7) FREE ACCESS to unlimited professional skill training courses offered at TYEN Academy. Worth above $1,000 and more. You won't be getting certified after training but you will be given the full knowledge and lifetime access to the course community.

8) TYEN CLUB Membership card:

Every member of TYEN CLUB that has identified with us both online and offline, and also passed through the second phase Real Identity Verification (KYC) is entitled to our club's membership card (TYEN CLUB MEMBERSHIP CARD) upon request. Your names & position in the Club is boldly inscribed on the card, with a unique ID number given to you.

This membership card can be used as a gate pass in different places and organization; Spare you out of unwarranted troubles and grant you a high worthy profile (respect) wherever you find yourself outside the Club - because we are the True Voice of The Youths!

P.S: If you request for our membership card, it means you are upgrading your account from an investor's account to a full member account. You will no longer be entitled to a refund because you are now part of the system, and entitled to all benefits listed on this page.

Please, read our 100% refund terms and conditions.

These are the least benefits and values we pledge to fulfill in your life as a member of our Club. Some are in kinds, while others are cash values.

Once you joined our club, your success is no longer on you, but on TYEN CLUB. All blame for failure is on us, and we can't ever fail because we started seeing you as a community investor just for being part of us, so we shall do everything within our reach to see you succeed. But if you want to WIN BIGGER than normal, you need to listen to the voices of TYEN CLUB.

If you love what you read, and would want to join the positive movement of "THE YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS NETWORK (TYEN), click on this link to register for $30 now

Best Regards,